Building Responsive Web Apps with Angular 2
Google's Angular 2 and AngularJS are extremely productive frameworks for complex “Single Page Apps”.

Angular 2 is a complete re-write of the entire framework and will not be backwards-compatible with AngularJS 1.x apps. ES6 and \Evergreen\ modern browsers will be targeted as part of the move towards next-gen web development.

The course teaches how to develop modern web applications using a combination of JavaScript and Angular2. You will learn how to apply these various techniques to create modern client side web applications that use the power of the client via the rich document object model and the JavaScript runtime environment the browser provides.


Course Content
  1. Introduction
    • Angular 2 Architecture
    • Building your first Angular2 App
    • Overview of TypeScript and ECMAScript 6
    • Classes and Imports
    • Displaying data
    • Using Directives
    • User Input
  2. FORMS
    • Template-driven forms
    • Model-driven forms
    • Control, ControlGroup & FormBuilder
    • Validation and error messages
    • Custom validators
    • Asynchronous validators
  3. Dependency Injection
    • Creating services
    • Configuring providers
    • Defining provider recipes
    • Understanding the injector tree
    • Injecting dependencies using tokens
  4. Views and Templates
    • Interpolation
    • Property Binding
    • Attribute, Class, and Style Binding
    • Event Binding
    • Additional techniques
  5. Routing
    • Configuring routes
    • Linking to routes
    • Guards
    • Child routes
    • Sibling routes
    • Lazy loading routes
  6. HTTP
    • Performing GET, PUT & POST requests
    • Getting started with observables
    • Configuring request headers
  7. Angular 2 Pipes
    • Overview of Pipes
    • Built-in Pipes.
    • Parameterising a Pipe
    • Chaining Pipes
    • Stateful Pipes
    • Custom Pipes
  8. Directives
    • Overview of Directives in Angular 2.0
    • Component Directives
    • Decorator Directives
    • Attribute Directives
    • Structural Directives
    • Template Directives
    • Controllers


Angular 1 and other JavaScript developers who need to get up to speed on Angular 2 in two days.


2 days


Instructor Lead


A fundamental knowledge of JavaScript, Ajax, HTML and CSS is required