Docker for Enterprise Developers


As the follow-on to our Docker Fundamentals course, Docker for Enterprise Developers is a role-based course designed for an organization’s Development and DevOps teams to accelerate their Docker journey in the enterprise.


This course is meant for developers and DevOps teams that want to learn how to containerize and modernize legacy applications or build containerized applications from scratch that are secure, robust, highly available, resilient and self-healing. This course teaches all the necessary foundations to achieve this goal.


By the end of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Setup a Docker-centric development environment
  • Containerize existing legacy applications
  • Build secure services
  • Develop containerized services for mission critical applications
  • Test code running in containers to produce more robust services


  • Architecture of a Highly Distributed Application
  • Development Pipeline Overview
  • Developing Applications Using Docker
  • Editing and Continuation
  • Debugging
  • Docker Compose
  • Testing
  • Health Checking
  • Defensive Programming
  • Logging and Error Handling
  • Docker Builder
  • Docker Secrets
  • Routing Mesh
  • HTTP Routing Mesh
  • Continous Integration and Delivery
  • Docker Universal Control Plane and Trusted Registry
  • Configuration Management
  • Tagging and Versioning
  • Content Trust
  • Image Scanning
  • Webhooks
  • Image Promotion


2 days


Instructor Lead


Completed Docker Fundamentals Course or equivalent
Familiarity with using the Linux command line
Knowledge of Docker basics including how to:
Run a Docker container
Search for and pull images from Docker Store/Hub
Use Docker for Mac or Windows on your local machine