Docker for Enterprise Operations


This course is the second level of Docker's core curriculum for the enterprise and is focused on the Docker Operator role in administration of Docker Enterprise Edition Advanced

Docker for Enterprise Operations is composed of the following components:


This role-based course is for the Docker Operations teams to acclerate their enterprise Docker journey and is the follow-on to our Fundamentals course.  Completing this course fullfills our core curriculum for the Docker Operations role.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand common Architecture decision points and their impacts to operations
  • Install Docker Datacenter with UCP and DTR with High Availability and Replicas
  • Deploy services in UCP
  • Deploy a multi-node application
  • Setup and manage role based access control
  • Manage DTR by creating public and private repositories
  • Apply Content Trust and image signing with Notary
  • Perform basic monitorring, logging and healthchecks to the cluster


  • Welcome and Intro
  • Installing UCP
  • UCP Architecture
  • Introduction to Docker Datacenter
  • Docker Engine Swarm mode
  • Deploying services in UCP
  • UCP Networking and load balancing
  • Deploying applications across multiple nodes
  • Backwards compatibility with classic Swarm
  • UCP User Management
  • UCP role based access control
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Installing Docker Trusted Registry
  • DTR Overview
  • Creating public and private DTR repositories
  • DTR access control
  • Content Trust and Imaging Signing with Notary
  • Designing a DDC Deployment
  • Closing notes, further information and discussion


2 days


Instructor Lead


Completion of the Docker Fundamentals course or its equivalent