Developing Effective Rich Client Applications with javascript and NoSQL databases

This course is designed for application developers who needs to learn how to develope rich client applications with javascript and NoSQL databases.

Course covers mongodb, serverside javascripting with node.js , expose nosql data with rest services , building rich client user interface with javascript. At the end of the course you will understand how to build end to end rich client applications with lightweight backend services with rich frontend features.


Course Content

  • JSON
  • NoSQL/MongoDB basics
  • Installation/Configuration/Administration of mongodb
  • How to query mongodb
  • Mongodb and Java with best practices
  • Building/Designing effective restful services with JEE and mongodb
  • Building rich client javascript frontends with jQuery and rest services
  • Serverside javascripting with node.js
  • node.js and mongodb integration


This course is in advanced series and designed for senior developers, software & system architects


2 days


Instructor Lead


This course requires basic java and javascript knowledge