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JavaScript is everywhere. Once relegated to an Internet fad, the malleable programming language has evolved along with the Web and now finds itself entrenched in modern browsers, complex Web applications, mobile development, server-side programming, and in emerging platforms like the Internet of Things.

Underlying that browser-centric user and developer shift, JavaScript has developed a robust ecosystem of third-party and open-source libraries, frameworks, tools, implementations and superset languages woven into the backbone upon which Web and mobile development is now built

Over the past decade, starting with jQuery empowering Web developers with client-side scripting, every popular plug-in has filled another gap in the language and its capabilities.

After more than 15 years without a major update, the international standards organization Ecma is finally set to release ECMAScript 6—a comprehensive update to standardized JavaScript—in June of this year. With ECMAScript 6, JavaScript is getting a ton of new features targeted towards making life easier for people building transpilers, i.e. languages that compile down to JavaScript, like CoffeeScript and C++.

Standardised HTML elements come with semantics, and browsers can do all kinds of smart things with them. The idea of Web Components and specifically their custom elements, is that you no longer depend on the browser to provide you with elements: you can bring your own. With Web Components, browsers (will) give website owners the power to bring their own elements. This gives a lot of freedom and is a big addition to the web as a platform. It is innovation we should welcome.


Course Topics

  1. ECMAScript 2015
    • Constants
    • Scoping
    • Arrow Functions
    • Template Literals
    • Destructuring Assignment
    • Modules
    • Classes
    • Iterators
    • Generators & WeakMap/WeakSet
    • Typed Arrays
    • Promises
    • Modules
  2. Polymer & Web Components
    • Web Component Polyfills
    • Templates
    • Custom elements
    • Shadow dom
    • HTML Imports
    • Polymer, Mozilla-Brick,X-Tag
  3. ReactJS


This course is in advanced series and designed for web developers, software & system architects


3 days


Instructor Lead


Advanced knowledge of JavaScript is required.