Developing Reports with JasperReports and Eclipse
JasperReports is a popular open-source reporting engine whose main purpose is to help creating page oriented, ready to print documents in a simple and flexible manner. JasperReports is written in 100% Java and can be embedded in any Java application. JasperReports has the ability to deliver rich content in various formats such as PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV, XML files, or directly on the screen or printer.This comprehensive course enables software and report developers to develop reports using JasperReports and iReport through a combination of lecture, demos, and hands-on exercises, and includes the use of the Jaspersoft training environment.


  1. An Overview of JasperReports
    • What is Jasper Reports
    • Features of Jasper Reports
    • Flexible Report Layout
    • Subreports
    • Exporting Capabilities
  2. Adding Reporting Capabilities to Java Applications
    • Downloading Jasper Reports
    • Installing Jaspersoft Studio
  3. Creating Simple Report
    • Creating a JRXML Report Template
    • Creating a Binary Report Template
    • Generating Report
    • Displaying Report on a web browser
    • Elements of a JRXML Report Template
  4. Creating Dynamic Database Reports
    • Generating Database Reports
    • Embedding SQL Queries into a Report Template
    • Modifying a Report Query via Report Parameters ...
    • Database Reporting via a Datasource
  5. Working with Other Datasources
    • Empty Datasources
    • Map Datasources
    • Java Objects as Datasources
    • TableModels as Datasources
    • XML as Datasource
    • Custom Datasources
    • Writing a Custom JRDataSource Implementation
  6. Report Layout and Design
    • Controlling Report-Wide Layout Properties
    • Styles
    • Setting Text Style for Individual Report Elements
    • Setting a Report's Background
    • Grouping Report Data
    • Report Expressions
    • Report Variables
    • Setting the Size and Position of a Report Element
    • Subreports
  7. Adding Charts and Graphics to Reports
    • Adding Geometrical Shapes to a Report
    • Adding Lines to a Report
    • Adding Images to a Report
    • Adding Charts to a Report
  8. Advanced JasperReports Features
    • Report Localization
    • Scriptlets
    • Crosstabs
    • Adding Hyperlinks and Anchors to Reports
    • Bookmarks
    • Handling Very Large Reports
  9. Exporting to Other Formats
    • Exporting to PDF
    • Exporting to RTF
    • Exporting to Excel
    • Exporting to CSV
    • Export Reports to a Browser


Report developers, data analysts, data architects, system architects, and software developers


1 day


Instructor Lead


A fundamental knowledge of Java is a prerequisite for this course.