Developing Secure and Interactive Applications with JavaFX

The JavaFX platform is a family of products for creating the next generation of rich internet applications (RIA) with multimedia and content for a variety of platforms, including desktop, browser-based, and mobile devices. In this course you will learn how to develop rich internet applications (RIA) and mobile applications using many features of JavaFX. The course provides an overview of JavaFX and teaches the key aspects of the JavaFX Script programming language. The JavaFX Script programming language is a highly productive scripting language that enables content developers to create rich media and content for deployment in Java application environments. It has first-class functions, declarative syntax, list comprehensions, and incremental dependency-based evaluation. It can make direct calls to Java technology-based APIs that are on the platform. JavaFX Mobile technology is a complete, preintegrated software system for advanced mobile devices, enabling developers to author rich, high-impact content and network-based services. Built around open and standards-based APIs and technologies (Java technology and Linux), the JavaFX Mobile platform enables applications to be leveraged across a wide range of Java technology-enabled devices.

Through hands-on labs you will create a JavaFX application that incorporates animations and special effects, multimedia, and web services. You will also use the Eclipse or NetBeans IDE for JavaFX, which includes support for developing, debugging, and deploying JavaFX applications.


Topics Covered:

  • Describe basic concepts of the JavaFX technology.
  • Study best-practice examples for JavaFX.
  • Create a JavaFX application
  • Learn JavaFX Script language features.
  • Control image sizes, boundaries, and positions.
  • Embed multimedia and use the JavaFX Media Player component to play the media.
  • Create graphics and animations.
  • Access web services to retrieve multimedia.
  • JavaFX Mobile Platform
  • Security
  • Deploy a JavaFX application


Web developers and experienced Java Enterprise programmers, designers, architects, interested in creating rich internet applications (RIA) for desktops and browsers.
*Lectures and demos combined with hands-on exercises using computer-based labs.


4.5 days


Instructor Lead


Experience in application development and basic OO skills such as those from the course eJava111 Developing Object-Oriented Programs in Java™.