JQuery Fundamentals
This course builds a strong foundation in jQuery, a JavaScript library that helps developers build robust, interactive web applications. In this class, attendees will gain a foundational knowledge of jQuery and JQueryUI by learning about each of the interactions and widgets. Attendees will learn how these components can work together to build a user interface that is interactive while easy to create.


  • jQuery Core
    1. Installing jQuery
    2. The jQuery Object
    3. Selecting DOM Elements
    4. Creating DOM Elements
    5. Traversing Data
    6. Manipulating the DOM
    7. Adding Content to Elements
    8. Changing the Appearance of Elements
    9. Manipulating Attributes
    10. Adding Event Handlers to Elements
  • jQuery UI
    1. Effects
    2. Animations
    3. jQuery UI Library
    4. Interactions
    5. Widgets
    6. Themes
    7. Using the APIs
    8. Creating Your Own Theme
  • jQuery Data
    1. JQuery and Ajax
    2. REST Overview
    3. Loading Data with $.ajax, get and post
    4. Data Types (Text, JSON, XML)
    5. Loading JSONP
    6. Data Loading Helpers
    7. CORS
    8. Sending Data
  • jQuery Plugins
    1. Finding and Using Plugins
    2. Writing Your Own Plugin
    3. Creating a Widget with the Widget Factory
    4. Using Widgets as Views


This course is in advanced series and designed for web developers, software & system architects


1 day


Instructor Lead


A fundamental knowledge of JavaScript, Ajax, HTML and CSS are required