Essential Tools & Libraries for Building Client Side Applications

The Web Platform has gone a long way since HTML5 was first made popular and people started looking into JavaScript as a language that could do build complex apps. Many APIs have emerged and there is an abundance of content out there about how the browser can leverage all this.

JavaScript is the most popular, and probably the most important, programming language today. Learning JavaScript is a great journey, but knowing the language and its syntax is only the beginning. JavaScript is a scripting language initially designed to enhance web pages, but is now used in almost every way imaginable. Advances have been made that allow JavaScript to run on the server-side as well as be compiled into native phone application code. Today’s JavaScript developer is part of a rich ecosystem filled with hundreds of IDEs, tools, and frameworks.

Once the novice becomes a journeyman, they are confronted with a seemingly endless number of tools and libraries which are used to create, manage and maintain modern JavaScript code. In this advanced course we will discuss modern JavaScript development tools for building, automation, testing, packaging, modules& dependecy management


Course Topics:

  1. Modules & Dependency Management
    • RequireJS
    • RequireJS Optimizer
    • Browserify
    • Webpack
  2. Build and Automation
    • Gulp
    • Grunt
    • WebPack build features
  3. Testing
    • Jasmine
    • Karma
  4. Packaging
    • Bower
    • Npm
  5. Server Side JavaScript: NodeJS
  6. Code Analysis
    • JSLint
    • JSHint


This course is in advanced series and designed for web developers, software & system architects


2 days


Instructor Lead


Advanced knowledge of JavaScript is required.