Building Modern Web Applications with Spring Framework, HTML5 and JavaScript Technologies
This course teaches how to develop modern web applications using a combination of Spring Framework, Html5 and JavaScript technologies. You will learn how to apply these various techniques to create modern client side web applications that use the power of the client via the rich document object model and the JavaScript runtime environment the browser provides


  1. Modern Web Application Design Strategies
    • Graceful Degradetion/Progressive Enhancement Strategies
    • Web Design Approaches: Fixed, Fluid, Adaptive, Responsive
    • JavaScriptMVC and SPA Concerns
    • HTML5 Principles
  2. Advanced JavaScript Features
    • Functions, Closures, Inner Functions, Self InvokingFunctions
    • Object and prototypes
    • Object-Oriented JavaScript: Inheritance, Encapsulation,singletons
    • Global and local variables
    • Namespaces
    • Module pattern
  3. Developing Client-Side web applications with JavaScript MVCFrameworks
    • JQuery
    • AngularJS
    • KnockoutJS
    • Bootstrap
  4. JSON, JSON Mapping
  5. Security in new generation web applications
  6. Spring Framework
    • Spring Architecture
    • Setting configuration
    • Spring Core Concepts
    • Writing bean definitionsn (Annotation based / XML Based)
    • Creating an application context
    • Design Patterns: Inversion of Control&Dependency Injection
    • Spring Data Access
    • Spring JDBC Access
    • Object-Relational Mapping with Spring and JPA
    • Introduction to Spring MVC
    • RESTful web services with Spring MVC
    • Spring Boot


This course is in advanced series and designed for web developers, software & system architects


3 days


Instructor Lead


A fundamental knowledge of Java, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML and CSS is required.