Mobile Applications with JavaME for Blackberry

Blackberry is a popular device platform widely used in corporations. Besides native JavaME support, Blackberry also provides a superset of libraries, APIs and an eclipse based development tool with simulators. Effective use of Blackberry APIs provide easier application development. Blackberry Enterprise Server integration for data access and centralized deployment provides excellent solution for enterprises. This course covers Blackberry SDK APIs, GPS, Blackberry data usage, Blackberry device resources, Blackberry UI components on top of basic JavaME concepts, networking, bluetooth and other services which can be used on a mobile device. The course also covers testing, building, packaging and deployment of Blackberry applications.

In this course you will build applications for the JavaME platform, including:

  • Use Java to build apps with Eclipse and BDE
  • Using Blackberry SDK and APIs
  • Building MIDlets
  • Building User Interfaces
  • Persisting data
  • Networking


  • Use Java to build apps with Eclipse and BDE
    • Using Blackberry Development Environment
    • Blackberry models and different Runtime versions
    • Bundled Blackberry simulators
    • Packaging apllication for deployment via Blackberry Enterprise Server
  • Building Blackberry Applications
    • Using Standart JavaME
    • Blackberry APIs
  • Building User Interfaces
    • Designing app for specific devices
    • Blackberry SDK UI Components
    • Event handling with Commands
    • Implementing MVC
  • Persisting data
    • Using RecordStore
  • Connecting the world
    • Using networks in Blackberry
    • Socket, Datagram, Http and Secure connections
    • Recovering connections
  • Parsing XML
    • Using XML for retrieving and sending Data
    • MIDP XML Parsers; kXML, MinML, NanoXML, TinyXML, Xparse-J
  • Sound and Music
    • Media API in MIDP 2.0 (JSR-135)
    • Playing sounds and handling player lifecycle
    • Listening player events
    • Tones, Tone Sequences
  • Blackberry Specific API
    • Blackberry Data
    • GPS


4.5 days


Instructor Lead


Core Java Syntax - (D-EJAVA-301-001) Effective JAVA Programming