Developing Client-Site Web Applications with ReactJS
React is a library developed by Facebook, and it is designed to build large applications with data that changes over time. Developers can use ReactJS to create user interfaces (UI) with high performance, where React would automatically manage all UI updates. React is all about building reusable web components, and it also renders on the server using Node.js.


  1. What is React?
  2. Why React ?
  3. Installation Types
  4. The Core of React
  5. Properties of React
  6. React Component Design
  7. \props\ and \state\ Keywords
  8. React Component Lifecycle and Rendering
  9. Usage of \Mixins\
  10. What is JSX?
  11. JSX Fundamentals
  12. React Web Component Samples
  13. Introduction to Flux
  14. Use React in Flux Architecture


    This course is in advanced series and designed for web developers, software & system architects


    2 days


    Instructor Lead


    A fundamental knowledge of JavaScript, Ajax, HTML and CSS are required