Getting Ready for SCJP Certification

The Sun Certified Programmer for Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 certification exam is for programmers experienced in using the Java programming language. Achieving this certification provides clear evidence that the programmer understands the basic syntax and structure of the Java programming language and can create Java technology applications that run on server and desktop systems using Java SE 6.

This course is targeted towards Java programmers who are planning to take the Sun Certified Programmer for Java Certification. SCJA is not a pre-requisite for this exam.


Topics covered:
  • Fundamentals of Java Programming
  • Writing and Executing a Java Program
  • Elements of a Java Program
  • Java Language Fundamentals
  • Variables and Data Types
  • Execution Flow of a Program
  • Operators in Java
  • Object Oriented Concepts and their implementation in Java
  • Classes and Objects
  • Methods
  • Interfaces
  • Access modifiers
  • Wrappers
  • Autoboxing/unboxing
  • Packages, jars and imports
  • Annotations
  • Inner classes
  • Local inner classes
  • Anonymous classes
  • Assertions
  • Static imports
  • Variable arguments
  • Strings
  • Formatters
  • Collections and Generics
  • Exceptions
  • IO-streams
  • Javadoc and API documentation
  • Multithreaded Programming in Java
  • The Thread Class
  • The Runnable Interface
  • Spawning Multiple Threads
  • Lifecycle of a Thread
  • Transition Between Thread States
  • Synchronized usage of resources in multithreaded applications


4.5 days


Instructor Lead