Developing Service-Oriented Applications with Java

This advanced course is designed for Java developers who need to learn how to develop Service Oriented Applications using Java and Web services.


What you will Learn

You will become familiar with service-oriented architectures and supporting technologies. At the end of this course you will be able to implement Web services using Java, Process and transform XML. You will also be able to create and run business process using BPEL. You will learn how to design processes and run business solutions using SOA.

Course Goals

  • Understand SOA and Service-Orientation
  • Learn how to build SOA with Java and Web Services
    • XML Technologies
    • Web Services Technologies
    • Developing components with Java EE



  • What is a Service
  • What is a Web Service
  • What is Service-Orientation
  • What is Service-Oriented Architecture

XML Technologies

  • XML Technologies
    • XML
    • Web Standarts
    • Grammars for XML Documents - DTD & XSD - Document Type Definitions and Schema


  • XSLT - Extensible Style Sheet Language Transformations
  • XQuery – XML Query Language
  • XPath - XML Path Language
  • Integration of XML into Applications
    • Java and XML
      • Java XML Binding and Parsing- Java Architecture for XML Binding JAXB
      • Frameworks for XML processing
    • XML Data Representation & Validation

Web Services Technologies

  • Web Services Technologies
    • Web Service Styles
      • REST / SOAP
      • REST and JAX-RS
    • Web Services and SOA
    • WSDL – Web Services Definition Language
      • Java First Web Services
      • Web Service Clients
      • Annotations
      • Contract First Web Services
    • SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol
    • UDDI – Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
    • Java and WS
      • JAX-WS
      • JAX-RS
    • Advanced
      • Dynamic Invocation
      • Asynchronous Web Services


This advanced course is designed for Java developers who need to learn how to develop service-oriented applications using Java and Web services.


2 days


Instructor Lead


Core Java Syntax - JavaEE