ReactJS Training Completed

We continue to provide our innovative technology training to Türkiye's most valuable institutions. We carried out the "Developing Client-Site Web Applications with ReactJS" Closed Class Training for ReactJS, one of the FrontEnd technologies, which we provided to one of the largest banks in Türkiye. We thank all our participants.

Microservices Training Completed

Our training continues, where we transfer new generation technologies to your institution through special closed classroom training. We completed our last closed class in our training series on microservice architecture and containerization, which we are conducting with an international company operating in Türkiye, with the "Microservices with Kubernetes" training. We congratulate nearly one hundred and fifty participants who were with us throughout the process.

Learn Object Oriented Principles and Java Programming Language from its experts.

Authors Naci Dai and Esma Meral are instructors with 20+ years software development experience. They continue to develop and teach Java related technologies in numerous public and private sector organizations including reputable universities.

This book shows you everything you need to develop, compile, debug and run Java programs. Updated for Java Platform Standard Edition 7 (Java SE 7), this comprehensive volume covers the entire Java language including syntax, keywords, fundamental programming and Object Oriented Principles, debugging, exceptions, collections, streams and JDBC.

You'll also find information on key elements of the JavaEE platform such as n-tier applications, web projects, JSF, EJB and JPA.

The book also teaches how to use Eclipse. Eclipse is a world-class Java integrated development environment (IDE) and an open source project and community.

It is aimed to provide the reader not only theoretical knowledge but also practical vision by developing a reference application throughout the book with examples at the end of each topic.

Discover WTP, the New End-to-End Toolset for Java-Based Web Development

The Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) seamlessly integrates all the tools today’s Java Web developer needs. WTP is both an unprecedented Open Source resource for working developers and a powerful foundation for state-of-the-art commercial products.

Eclipse Web Tools Platform offers in-depth descriptions of every tool included in WTP, introducing powerful capabilities never before available in Eclipse. The authors cover the entire Web development process–from defining Web application architectures and development processes through testing and beyond. And if you’re seeking to extend WTP, this book provides an introduction to the platform’s rich APIs.