Java Technologies

Developing Object-Oriented Programs in Java


5 days


Instructor Lead


This course is designed for developers, software and system architects and project managers involved with the development of Java™ applications.


Experience in the following areas is required: Some prior programming experience in a procedural or object-oriented language.


This intermediate course uses an example-based approach to provide an overview of the object-oriented paradigm and to illustrate the evolutionary development approach supported by Java™. At the end of this course you will be familiar with the core components and packages of the Java™  Standard Edition and you will be able to apply object-oriented programming principles with Java™, Java™ syntax and semantics. You will have a clear understanding of advanced Java™ topics and Java new features.


  1. Setup Development Environment
    • Installing Java Standart Edition (JDK)
    • Introduction to Eclipse
    • Installing and running eclipse
    • Using Eclipse as a development environment
  2. Object-Oriented Concepts
    • Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism
    • OO analysis and design: 'Is a' and 'Has a'
    • Designing an OO application step by step
  3. Java SE Language Fundamentals
  4. Primitive Data Types
  5. Control Statements
  6. Classes and Methods
  7. Type Casting
  8. Inheritance
  9. Interfaces
  10. Core Class Library
  11. Collections and Streams
  12. Exception Handling
  13. Generics, Compile-time type safety.
  14. Enhanced Iterators
  15. Autoboxing/Unboxing
  16. Typesafe Enums
  17. Varargs
  18. Annotations
  19. JDBC
  20. JavaDoc
  21. Junit
  22. Debugging