Analysis and Design

Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML


3 days


Instructor Lead


Designers, architects, developers and project managers who develop software in an object oriented language like Java or C++ Designers who want to apply proper analysis and design techniques in order to code more robust and better maintainable code *Lectures and demos combined with hands-on exercises using computer-based labs.


Experience in application development and basic OO skills such as those from the course eJava111 Developing Object-Oriented Programs in Java™.


This 3-day intensive course is a language neutral introduction of object oriented software development. Object oriented analysis and design techniques will be trained using methods from the Unified Modeling Language (UML). What you will learn At the end of this course you will be familiar with the concepts of object oriented software development, and you will be able to apply object oriented analysis and design methods for simple applications. You will know the most important diagram techniques and will be able to join a development team and actively participate in the design of an application.


  • The OO life cycle
  • Object oriented concepts in depth
  • Encapsulation, Interfaces Inheritance, Polymorphism
  • Requirements analysis
  • Determine object candidates
  • Assigning responsibilities
  • CRC-Cards
  • Design techniques and diagrams
  • Use case diagrams
  • Class diagrams
  • Component diagrams
  • Interaction diagrams
  • Activity diagrams
  • State/Transition diagrams
  • Software design patterns overview
  • Frameworks overview
  • Software development processes